Question: How does meditation help to control one's own mind?


By practicing this one hour of meditation, gradually the mind gets withdrawn and only as much as is required starts working. It will become like this: whenever you need to drive a car you take it out of the garage, you drive, and go around the city. When the job is finished you come back and keep it in the garage. But if the practice is not there, suppose you take out the car and you do not know how to stop it, if the car does not have any brakes and if you accelerate and its starts moving, such a car can become disastrous for you and can be dangerous to others on the road also. That is what has happened to humanity - when the mind goes out of control it can go to any extent of violence, greed, anger, hatred, all these types of things, for any human being, at any time. This is what is always troubling. So this is one thing which you can practice every day, one hour is good enough.

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