Question: Babaji, what are the signs of progress in meditation?


Even if you sit perfectly for one hour every day, such an amazing transformation comes and you start losing the ego. The mind surrenders and becomes pure. Real technological surrender happens when you really are able to meditate, such that the mind recedes and loses the ego.

When you come out of the meditation also, you can tell how egoistic the mind is, how ready it is to give up that ego, and how humble it is ready to be. How much are you able to forgive this world? The ability to forgive this world does not come easily. Every small thing can be hurting human beings in everyday life, everywhere in society. So what matters is how much you are able to forgive mentally. A person's progress can be measured by their performance when they come out of the meditation, by their behavior.

Ultimately, what you achieve is important. If you close your eyes and try to meditate, even after thirty years, if you are still egoistic, selfish, and your attitude has not changed, then there is no use of such meditation. You have simply wasted thirty years.

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