Question: How does one detach oneself from the body and also how does one let go of fear?


The attachment is in the mind's consciousness. So gradually if you try to ponder over the truth of impermanence, that it is transitory. That is what is recommended spiritually. Spirituality does not prohibit you to adopt anyway of life or to live in this world but it simply alerts you that you cannot depend for your happiness or peace permanently on any thing of this world including your own physical body because it is all impermanent, transitory. One day it is going to go away. So like this if you ponder over some times then the detachment becomes a bit easier if you understand these things.
This fear is also because of ignorance. Just like when you are watching a movie your mind's consciousness gets sucked into it even though you are not at all connected. Nothing is happening to you but the story and the sequence in the movie can sometimes create happiness within you, an unhappiness, a sorrow, a fear sometimes it can be panicking, where as nothing is really happening. So there is unhappiness or fear because of the ignorance of the mind trying to visualize it as a truth. So that is one of the aspects of illusion. Because of this only there is a fear, an unknown fear of what's going to happen tomorrow. "What will happen to this body? What will happen to me? Am I going to be happy knowingly or unknowingly?" Everybody is looking for this peace, happiness and liberation only. So if you practice meditation, only that is the blanket remedy, you can overcome once and for all. However before that also you can try to ponder and think it over. That there is nothing to be afraid of. Like our teachers in high school used to teach us when we were in Primary School 'Do not be afraid, think that if anything is going to happen after all my head is going to be cut off that's all.' Means you need not die but you gain enormous inner strength to face challenges of the life and it becomes quite easy for you. So like that you can always overcome the fear.


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