Shri Babaji in Perth

October 2014

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With the recent grand Celebrations of Shri Babaji's 60th Birthday in Dehra Dun, a fortunate group of Australian devotees were able to attend and celebrate at the Ashram on 20th September along with other followers from around the world.

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Then during Babaji's recent tour of Australia the remaining local devotees were invited to celebrate the Auspicious Event holding further Celebrations on 2nd October at a large local hall. Devotees gathered from across Australia and decked the hall until it was overflowing with decorations in commemoration of the Great Event, the hall and dais covered with flowers, balloons and banners to honor the Great Day 60 years ago when He descended on this Earth.

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The program started with Arathi to Shri Swamiji Maharaj before Ambaji gave a heart-felt introduction reminding all of the precious chance given to them in coming into Babaji's Care. Shri Babaji Himself then gave a short talk reminding everyone of the importance of the human birth given to them and the rare chance that carried. Following this, the program continued with devotees offering bhajans which were interspersed with personal accounts from people recounting how precious they had found their being led to Shri Babaji and also their experiences of being blessed by His Guidance, His Presence and His Invaluable Teachings. Devotee after devotee recounted how having His Darshan had altered their lives and led them to a greater maturity in their thinking and behavior in the world.

The repeated theme of all the speeches was that though many had been led to His Presence seemingly almost against their will, they all discovered a most precious attachment to Baba and a sense of fulfillment in His Teachings.

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After participating in Arathi to Shri Babaji and Padapuja, the group was blessed to share a magnificent cake as part of the Prasad with the children leading the cake-cutting ceremony and then everyone sharing abundant Prasad. Though everyone was thrilled to be able participate, it seemed a shame the Celebration could only be held once every 60 years. 

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