Thus Spake Babaji: Online Q&A Video, No 3

A live online Q and A session, recorded on 19 April 2020


00:15 What is the true Self, why don't we know it and how do we discover it?
03:57 You've said that the mind can't really know the Truth, would you explain what you mean by that?
05:45 To get established in the Self awareness do I have to meditate for long hours?
10:05 How is the ego related to the imagination?
12:15 How to surrender the ego during this difficult time?
13:22 How can I overcome guilt of feeling blessed when others are suffering?
15:26 When progressing in meditation, how to overcome an attachment that doesn't go away?
16:32 I see Ganesha's shape and form in everyday objects, should I pay any attention to this?
17:43 How can I cope with verbal abuse I am experiencing at work?
20:00 Can you describe the ideal death in the perspective of the Self?
21:43 Is it better to go for one uninterrupted meditation or break it up into shorter periods?
22:47 The breath seems to stop in meditation when the mind stops. How can I move forward?
24:26 Is it better to do mantra chanting separately from meditation practice?
25:42 Please clarify your answer to a previous question (16:32)
28:05 Mind is always quiet except when using logic or programming.  How to go beyond 'amness'?
31:59 How can I feel a connection to the Divine?
34:37 Can you talk about willpower in meditation practice?
38:40 How can people quench anger?
43:48 Does the mind stop when you can completely bring the eyeballs to the centre?
44:50 Can you explain the connection between the body, the mind and the Divinity?
48:13 What happens beyond meditation, throughout the day?
49:59 How can you tell the difference between spiritually correct or incorrect teachers?
51:31 What is the best way to achieve inner peace, just meditate?

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