Thus Spake Babaji: Online Q&A Video, No 6

A live online Q and A session, recorded on 23 May 2020.

In this session Shri Babaji gives guidance on the following:

 0:00 Introduction
 0:41 How to overcome ignorance and ego
 2:44 How to conquer the six enemies of the mind
 4:32 How to maintain focus for a longer duration in meditation
 6:00 Meaning of karma yoga
 8:23 Can selfless service happen without faith in the divine or Guru?
 9:22 Overcoming tiredness in meditation
11:27 The concept of the trimurtis
14:09 Qualities of a strong mind
15:44 Babaji's meditation experience before Tapas
18:36 How a Yogi remains quiet while being active in the world
23:26 Your efforts when facing difficulties and illness
25:48 Babaji's surrender to Swamiji
28:38 Can the energy of the mind be thought of as 'maya' (illusion)?
32:07 Position of concentration between the eyebrows in meditation
33:57 Why we can experience a peaceful feeling even after a disturbing meditation
37:08 Who is the one watching in meditation?
38:57 Getting rid of thoughts
40:54 The Self-Realized divine Rishis
42:17 Difference between mindfulness and meditation
43:18 Is chanting in the mind helpful outside meditation?
44:33 What is the effect of chanting and why do they usually start with Om?
46:48 The meaning and benefit of sacrifice
49:15 In Tapas did the divine appear to you in the form of Swamiji?
51:53 Significance of sitting posture
55:42 Concept of Guru
59:03 Appearance of Swamiji at the end of Tapas

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