Thus Spake Babaji: Online Q&A Video, No 7

A live online Q and A session, recorded on 13 June 2020.

In this session Shri Babaji gives guidance on the following

 0:00 Introduction
 0:11 Do we have an objective conscience?
 2:38 How did you know it was Shiva that manifested in Tapas?
 3:54 Is it possible to experience emotions after Self-Realization?
 5:12 Is there any point to try to change the world before changing yourself?
 6:47 Why do the imprints from judgments stay within the mind?
 8:09 The feeling that someone who has passed never existed at all.
13:00 The Peace achieved in Self-Realization
15:16 Is there another word we can add to peace when conveying to others?
18:18 Can Babaji please advise on how to calm an agitated and angry mind?
21:09 What is inseparable to watching?
22:42 Should we become the watcher?
24:16 When I sit with you why does my mind goes quiet and my questions disappear?
25:59 Is the witness/watcher a purer part of the mind and at some point do we need to surrender this also?
27:34 Isn't the watching a process of thinking?
29:14 Is sadhana just meditation in action?  
30:23 Could Babaji explain how God has kept all the happiness in himself and not left any in the world?
34:00 Could Babaji explain the Om Shivaya Shivabalayogendraya mantra?
34:31 How to overcome resistance to meditation?

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