Thus Spake Babaji: Online Q&A Video, No 8

A live online Q and A session, recorded on 22 November 2020.

 In this session Shri Babaji gives guidance on the following: 

 0:00 Introduction
 6:12 Not knowing when to come out of meditation
 8:08 Meaning of 'Bhava teeta' from the chant
 9:26 Does it matter if the desire for liberation is motivated by fear of suffering?
10:21 Are grace and faith similar to each other?
10:54 How to forgive deeply?
12:33 How can I let go of worrying about the body during the current pandemic?
13:57 Wanting joy and ecstasy in meditation
15:38 Surrender and accepting the result
20:33 Can you explain how 'The world was created because of God but not according to His wishes?'
28:15 How to deal with physical pain
30:06 Relationship between physical pain and emotional pain
33:13 Chanting the Gayathri mantra
43:30 The feeling that doing anything other than spiritual practice is futile
45:42 Experiencing a hot head in meditation
47:20 Why do so few people attain Self-Realization?
51:55 Isn't putting in efforts and accepting the results contradictory?
57:22 How to be more compassionate?
59:27 Is it valuable to feel silence as a companion?
1:00:09 The meaning of prayer?

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