Thus Spake Babaji: Online Q&A Video, No 20

A live online Q and A session, recorded on 10 January 2021.

In this session Shri Babaji gives guidance on the following: 

 0:00​ Babaji's introduction
 8:45​ Time, place and posture for meditation
10:45​ An experience while making an offering at a temple
11:49​ A dropping back in meditation
12:25​ How do we know we are following the meditation instructions correctly & coming to Ashram after fulfilling role as husband and father
13:52​ Significance of sitting in different directions in Tapas
16:21​ How to manage our energy
18:51​ How do we forgive and bring justice to the atrocities of the past
20:50​ Explanation of 'thou art That'
22:45​ How can we be sure that we are truly meditating and not imagining
25:15​ How long will it take for a beginner to reduce thoughts, anxiety and stress?
28:33​ Fasting
30:46​ Is God, time and space all a concept?
32:48​ Does consciousness expand as our concentration becomes more focused?
34:58​ Does the practice of silence help in mind activity as well as in meditation?
36:35​ Are substances like tobacco to be avoided?
38:54​ Does Vedanta and Bhakti Marga help to reach the final goal?
40:30​ Happiness and Self-Realization
42:35​ Maintaining inner peace after meditation
44:59​ Experience of energetic force after initiation into meditation
47:29​ Closing words from Babaji

Meditation and Q&A with Babaji

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