Themed Q&A: Karma, Part 2
Thus Spake Babaji - online Q&A No. 50

A live online Q and A session, recorded on 15 July 2021, with participants from Malaysia.

Babaji answers questions on the topic of 'karma' - Part 2.

Karma Part 1

Watch Part 1 here:

In this session Shri Babaji gives guidance on the following: 

  0:00 Introduction
  0:20 How do we know that we have karma and how do we remove it?
  2:44 Has God already written our destiny?
  8:00 Does a person who is causing suffering escape from his or her karma as they are paying back the previous life's karma?
  9:08 How can we see what the lesson is we are supposed to learn from an incident?
10:48 On the spiritual path s it important to know what our pending karma is?
12:33 Should we act in a particular way based on karma?
14:01 Can Realizing our Self stop the negative effect of prarabdha karma?
14:44 Is getting Realized in our life time decided by our karma?
15:36 If paramatman or pure consciousness is not affected by the law of karma, why is the atman affected?
19:22 Why do people commit suicide, is it due to their previous karma?
21:20 Does our karma decide when we get into spiritual life?
22:52 How can we mend deep hurt in our mind?
25:48 When we say we forgive someone, can we just keep a distance from them?
27:32 If till the end we couldn't forgive someone, does that mean we have to meet the same person in the next birth?
29:35 How do we live life with the principal of dhyana, dharma and karma?
31:20 What can we do for the departed to ensure a good journey to God?

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